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 How to customize soldier loadouts in ArmA II (Simple)

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How to customize soldier loadouts in ArmA II (Simple) Empty
PostSubject: How to customize soldier loadouts in ArmA II (Simple)   How to customize soldier loadouts in ArmA II (Simple) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 13, 2013 6:10 pm

Hi guys, i'm extremely bored so I thought i'd make this to show you guys how to customize loadouts on ArmA II on Editor. This tool can be used for making missions and scenarios and even for having some fun with your amigos.

This is a very simple version, maybe i'll record some footage tonight or something and show you how to do it that way, but this is pretty much if you have experience opening or being able to place soldiers in editor mode, NO MORE WIZARD EDITOR RESTRICTIONS!

Step 1: Setting yourself up for an ArmA II Experience

Of course you have to launch ArmA II, preferably Combined Operations.

Unfortunetely, CO broke over a year ago on Steam, easy ways to get ArmA II:CO to work past that point is downloading a launcher, like ArmA II Launcher or PWS (Play with Six).

This is the one I prefer and reccommend you use, i've been using it over a year and it works great, keeps track of all your ArmA 2 Addons and allows you to group them, for instance, if you wanted to play the very popular ACE/ACRE ArmA 2 Modification, you can make a group and drag certain files into it!

ArmA 2 Launcher By: Spirited Machine -

Another very good but in my opinion, sloppy, launcher is Six Launcher, Play with Six, Six Updater (where I get my super coolcat addons/mods from), etc. Can be easily found by searching it, A2L by SM might be hard to look for as there are many A2L's.

Anyways, lets get back to the point. Start ArmA II, ArmA II: OA, ArmA II w/ Addons, ArmA 2:CO, whatever.

For making missions alone or testing your skills, simply click on Singleplayer and then look for the tab "Editor".

Step 2: Choosing your environment

Brainstorm a second, think about how you want your conflict/scenario to be, even piece it together as a story line if you want.

Select the environment you want to play in, with regular ArmA 2: CO (No addons), you have very limited choices as far as it goes on Vanilla (Meaning Original or Unmodified.)

Woodland - Chernarus, Utes

Desert Mix - Takistan, Zargabad, Shapur, Desert

Woodland Mix - Proving Grounds (Is that on ArmA 2: CO Vanilla or is it A2:PMC DLC?)

Step 3: You and your Soldiers

After you select your desired environment, Double click the LMB (Left Mouse Button) and you'll get a menu similar to this - (Please note that it is Olive Green because that is the Normal A2 Editor, same thing though.)

How to customize soldier loadouts in ArmA II (Simple) 480px-Arma2_editor_unit

Select your faction and what branch you are going to be, the more addons, the more of the variety, that go's along with pretty much everything.

After you have selected your soldier - Ex: Side: BLUFOR Faction: BAF (British Armed Forces) Class: Infantry/Men
Rank: Lieutenant Unit: Section Leader, etc.

Step 4: What you've been waiting for!

You should take notice of the box labled Initialization, it'll be your best friend forever, literally.

First, we want to remove all the weapons the soldier currently has, this can be done very easily by typing in the Initalization box...


this - stands for the unit itself.

; - ends the command.

removeallweapons this; - Removes the current weapon loadout - Including Grenades.

the 'this' command is usually infront of the magazines and weapon codes, the only one i've seen it behind is the removeallweapons command.

Make sure to add the magazine first, this will help you (or atleast your AI) in combat so they do not have to reload while under fire.

this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";

You can specify the amount much easier if you are placing these in a vehicle or ammo cache, but that is next time, this one is a bit more copying and pasting, but there you go. (Links to all weapons and magazine codes will be at the bottom of the page!)

Now that we have our magazine ready, it is time for our handy-dandy weapon!

this addweapon "M4A1";

Success! Now, you have to repeat the same code for the magazine until you reach how much you'd like.

this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; x7 (after you place the weapon) = 8 30rnd Stanag mags!

The final code should look like this:

removeallweapons this; this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; this addweapon "M4A1"; this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag";

Remember to..

put the name of the magazine or weapon in parentheses.
use 'this' to represent the unit, is always ahead of the code with the exception of removeallweapons
Use ; to end the command, always at the end of the process.
Enter the 'removeallweapons' command first! or it will not work!
Add a magazine before you add a weapon to save your AI from being sitting ducks!

Step 5: Game Time

Once you've got the code entered correctly, (Meaning it doesn't say "******" doesn't exist or "Missing ;")

Press ok and then on the right menu in the bottom, select 'Preview'.

There you go! Have fun and join the ArmA II Community! Spread out a bit from the zombies and experience some real ArmA!

If you need help or want to know more, ask me!

I can be found on our:

Servers - [xG]Shankeh
Teamspeak - [Sergeant Major] [xG]Shanekh
Forums - [xG]Shankeh


In advance for when you do get this far, do not use BASE_ weapons!

ArmA II -

ArmA II: OA - (Scroll down until you find weapons)


A2 DLC contains contents of the following A2 DLCs:

A2 Private Military Company

A2 British Armed Forces

A2: Army of the Czech Republic
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How to customize soldier loadouts in ArmA II (Simple)
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