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PostSubject: Please Read First   Please Read First I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2014 3:50 am

Contesting a Ban?

When we do bans there is a signature at the end like mine is "-k". You need to make sure to post that first so we know which admin needs to address the issue. You need to explain what your side of the situation is. Please be respectful as it will get you further when a final decision is made.

Reporting a Rule Breaker, Hacker, etc?

Please be clear in what you are describing. It helps tremendously if you have some kind of proof, particularly on the issue of hackers. Remember most rules such as Combat Logging, Kamikaze, Missiles on Ground Troops, and repeatedly running people over in a vehicle are ones that we generally warn people first then we ban if we witness it. And when they are banned the first time is generally just a 24 hour ban. But knowing that they have a history of it makes our decision a bit easier if stiffer punishments should be handed out.
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Please Read First
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