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 Explicit Gaming DayZ Server Rules *Updated 4-30-14

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Explicit Gaming DayZ Server Rules *Updated 4-30-14 Empty
PostSubject: Explicit Gaming DayZ Server Rules *Updated 4-30-14   Explicit Gaming DayZ Server Rules *Updated 4-30-14 I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 3:22 am

1.Respect Other Players and Admins
First offense---Warning
Second offense---Kick
Third offense---24 Hour Ban

2.No Voice in side! Once, twice, and accidents are okay, but Spamming is a NO NO!!!
And if you are the guy keying up yelling at the first guy that he's breaking the rules
you might just find yourself kicked for being an idiot.
First Offense---Warning
Second Offense---Kick
Third Offense---24 Hour Ban

3.Cheating---We have a ZERO tolerance for cheating!!!
No exploiting glitches (This includes the water glitch to avoid getting hurt)
No Hacking---Teleporting, Spawning gear, etc.
No Duping

Those found doing this will be Perma Banned!

4.No Combat Logging
First Offense---24 Hour Ban
Second Offense---2 Day Ban/Gear Stripped
Third Offense---7 Day Ban

5.No Vehicle Deathmatching---Defined as:
Killing more than 2 Players by running them over with a vehicle(purposely)
No Jihading Vehicles into players or buildings or other vehicles
Punishment will be at admin's discretion depending on severity
This includes Kamikaze attacks with air vehicles. If you don't like not having a way
to defend yourself in the air then don't use those type of helicopters.

6.No damaging or destroying unmanned vehicles. If there is noone in the vehicle
then it's not a valid target. We want to try to maintain intact vehicles for
people to use and not have spawn points littered with damaged vehicles unable to be used.

7.Any disputes or problems will be dealt with by an admin.
Contact one with a message and wait in the requesting help channel on teamspeak

8.Do not destroy buildings unless you specifically saw someone enter the building.

Server Specific rules:


No air to ground missiles with the Venom whatsoever. Basically pretend they don't work.


Air to ground missiles are allowed only against manned vehicles this does include bombs
dropped from the vehicle also. If the player is on foot you must use guns.  Also you may not fly at a height
where no ground targets could possibly hit you, but you are still able to easily hit others.

Combinations of rulebreaking or severe infractions may result in a more severe punishments.
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Explicit Gaming DayZ Server Rules *Updated 4-30-14
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